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Calzoncillos hombre Nuevo precio de 2014

You know different occupations should wear different styles of underwear it?
Now I come to help you tell us about it!
The shop's underwear, everything, choose your favorite out :)
Male underwear selection techniques
Woman's underwear in addition to the role of protecting the vulva, the more of a sexual temptation, and men's underwear is to "lifeline" to wear a helmet, a "little brother" of the last line of defense. Men's underwear different styles on the market, the men together to learn about how to choose for their own.
--- Sports briefs family of choice
For the crowd: favorite sports, men with varicocele. Briefs are we
A style more common, because of its design will scrotum tightly wrapped, resulting in a scrotum difficult to heat, perspiration, so being a part of the people's rejection. But for some people, briefs is their first choice, for example, men with varicocele need to select the briefs, but it is best to mention tight crotch, so you can upgrade to the scrotum, reducing venous return of blood pressure. In addition, intense exercise like friends, should select briefs, as well as specially designed especially sporty underwear, it is a small briefs for basic shape, with pouch, also called pocket underwear is sporty underwear on behalf of. Three-dimensional design scrotum care, able to fully lift up the scrotum, scrotum and inner thighs to avoid friction between the penis and scrotum also separate isolated place, excellent ventilation, is the best choice for sporty men.[calvin klein underwear steel]
Pants --- male doctors recommend
For the crowd: sedentary white-collar workers and drivers. Relative to the briefs of compact, loose pants won it
Boxer briefs

People of all ages, especially the male doctors even advocated the majority of male friends wearing this style of underwear. Scrotum on the outside temperature is very sensitive, no subcutaneous fat and is rich in sweat glands, help dissipate heat. When the outside temperature is low, stimulation of smooth muscle and meat film cremaster muscle contraction, increased testicular position, tightening the skin of the scrotum into the thick folds, and retraction to the perineum to prevent heat to help warm. And when the outside temperature, muscle relaxation, testicular descent, leaving the body, scrotal skin laxity, increase heat dissipation area is conducive to local cooling. Scrotal temperature on spermatogenesis process greatly affected the scrotum lower body temperature than about 2 degrees Celsius, is the role of spermatogenesis optimum temperature. Temperature is too high, there will be obstacles to the process of spermatogenesis, or even completely stop, but will also reduce the secretion of testosterone. Loose pants scrotum self-regulation more ease, in a natural state, which makes men more comfortable when sedentary, healthy.[calzoncillos calvin klein]
Tight stretch legs rider who can often wear underwear ---
For the crowd: regular cycling men. This tight-fitting underwear is long trousers to mid thigh, shrink hips, thigh muscle tension in favor, to plastic bodybuilding physique, but it also minimizes the scrotum and thigh friction, but wrap the scrotum, is like cycling friends a good choice.

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